A Burgeoning MC Finds Himself at the Forefront of France’s Bustling Underground Hip-Hop Scene

A French artist, CODE Le Rappeur began his musical quest writing lyrics at thirteen years old, after becoming awash in a wave of hip-hop music through the Grand Theft Auto Soundtrack, and listening to his brother’s computer’s speakers bombing mixtapes.

Progress & Propulsion: Phreneticis and the New Age of Death Metal

“It’s not that we feel like labeling
our music, but we had to, so as to make other people understand what kind of thing we do when they ask us.”

Cole Davis & The Propulsion Of Upright Jazz Bass Into The Modern Jazz Era

Born in New York City, into a family of musicians, Cole Davis dedicated himself to the upright bass at the age of fourteen. What’s so special about this old Jazz soul? Keep on reading and you’ll find out.

Past, Present & Future: Delving Into The Passion & Inventiveness Of Rui Luís

Going a bit through his creative process, Rui shared with us his method-less methodology, in which he feels that his creations are only congested existing compositions, which need only a channel to be transposed and externalized.

The Ascendancy Of Bernardo Tinoco: Examining A Burgeoning Jazz Musicians Meteoric Rise

From the cradle, music had always been around Bernardo Tinoco, since his father is a musician himself. Indeed, the saxophone chanted his name the loudest.

Meet Marcos Félix & His Project: Ladra Karasu

Introducing Ladra Karasu, a funked-up Post Punk music project by Marcos KB Félix. The name, “Ladra Karasu,” is the aggregation of the words Ladra and Karasu from the Portuguese, and Japanese languages, respectively.

Quiet Dawn: The Initial Development & Overarching Impact Of Free Jazz

Free Jazz made it possible to create music with no rules. Through this boundless genre, one can construct their own syntax, figuring it out on the spot, leading the band through means of melody, constant active listening, and contact with each band member.

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