Lena Scissorhands on Joining Death Dealer Union, the Status of Infected Rain & How She Finds Peace

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Lena Scissorhands has managed to find herself a titan amongst the masses. Now a member of both Infected Rain and Death Dealer Union, Scissorhands is poised to take the metal world by storm.

By Andrew Daly

As one of heavy metal’s most galvanizing voices, Lena Scissorhands knows how to get fans’ attention in unique and inventive ways.

Scissorhands has shown seemingly endless range during her tenure as vocalist for Moldovan death metal outfit Infected Rain through her unique style, iconic appearance, and magnificent vocals. With years of experience under her belt, Scissorhands is rising to a new challenge in 2022 as the newly announced frontwoman for alt-metal outfit and fellow Napalm Records stablemates, Death Dealer Union.

Though Scissorhands initially felt trepidation due to the potential for overbooking, the challenge to further diversify her compass was too sweet to pass up. And since joining, the tattooed songstress has been busy with Death Dealer Union, culminating in the release of the newly minted foursome’s first single, “Beneath the Surface.” With an EP – and perhaps an album – of new material on the way, fans can bask in this entirely different yet oh-so-familiar cut in the meantime.

As Scissorhands works to balance her musical duties, the heavy-hitting vocalist took a moment to dig into her new gig with Death Dealer Union, the recording of Infected Rain’s latest record, and how she finds balance in her life outside of music.

You’ve just joined Death Dealer Union as their new vocalist. How did you enter the fold?

That is correct. The creator of the band CC and me have been working on new music since last year. Together with my friend and producer of Infected Rain, Valentin Voluta, we have been working on several songs for a while now. Because of the organic and balanced relationship created between the other musicians and us, I was invited to join the band. So, it’s a hectic time, with a lot of touring and new releases.

What prompted you to join? Does Death Dealer Union offer a different outlet for you than Infected Rain?

It was a decision I put a lot of thought into. My first thought was, “I’m not gonna be able to have enough time for Infected Rain and another project.” But after giving it proper thought and consulting with my bandmates in Infected Rain, I realized that everything is possible if you put your mind to it. Because I love being creative and want to make more music, I decided to go for it. I am not sure of the outlet being different; however, the style of music is a little bit different. I look at it as another channel I could use as a lyric writer and a vocalist.

Walk me through the writing and recording of “Beneath the Surface.”

This process was done remotely, just like the process of writing and recording the other songs. I live in Las Vegas, and most of the guys in Death Dealer Union are from L.A., except for the producer and guitar player from Moldova. I’m sure you can imagine how we all manage to work together, but thanks to the Internet, everything is possible. [Laughs]. The music video’s filming was done in person in L.A. on a green screen. Only the guitar player/producer had to film his part on the green screen in another country. Everything after that is magic and skills of filmmakers and editors.

The track is part of a larger EP, right?

We are still deciding whether it will be an EP or an actual album at the moment. As I mentioned, all the writing and recording processes were happening remotely. In Las Vegas, I have built my own vocal studio, and with our producer’s help and guidance, I can do my part remotely.

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Where does this leave things with Infected Rain? How do the two bands differ most?

Infected Rain is still my main band and my main project. One will never interfere with the other. The songwriting and recording are the same because the same person is doing it. It is me in both projects. When recording for other projects or featuring on other songs, I do the same thing I’ve always done; I never feel that I need to change.

How did Infected Rain’s most recent record, Ecdysis, come together?

We were creating Ecdysis during the years when traveling was still not allowed, so this is exactly how I learned the skill of recording, and I invented it in my vocal studio. I built it in my own house with my own hands and learned how to record myself, so I could send all my ideas to the band. So, Ecdysis is Infected Rain’s fifth album, so we have a very well-structured routine when it comes to recording. I am very excited about this record and what we’ve been able to create together, as I feel we’re coming together as a band now more than ever.

It’s been well documented that home was a frightening place for you growing up. How is that best reflected in your music?

I think it’s more appropriate to say family, not home. Home is where you’ve loved, not the place, country, apartment, or house. I write a lot about it in my lyrics. We are who we are thanks to our past and upbringing; that is what I firmly believe. No matter how sad, tragic or problematic our upbringing is, it is still important in forming who we are now. And so, both past and present pain have made it into this new music.

All images courtesy of Time Accent PR

When you’re not writing and performing, how do you find peace?

I love reading good books, watching movies, spending time with loved ones, and spending time in nature. All that makes me very happy, and it recharges me. It’s essential for me to do these things as writing, touring, and performing takes a lot out of me mentally and physically. I love it, but it’s a very demanding job, and recharging through other things that I love is crucial for me in many ways.

What’s next for you, Lena?

I will keep doing what I always do: make music, tour, record, and keep being me. The future holds a lot in terms of new releases for both bands and playing more shows, too, of course. Hopefully, next year will be less chaotic and more structured when it comes to the schedule, though, because it seems like I always have so much going on, but it’s not a bad thing. I love it and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Andrew Daly (@vwmusicrocks) is the Editor-in-Chief for www.vwmusicrocks.com and may be reached at andrew@vinylwriter.com

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