Metal Blade Records 40th Anniversary Celebration Continues with Metal Blade Museum Plus Three Live Shows

All images courtesy of Adrenaline PR/Metal Blade Records

By Fábio Moniz

Brian Slagel’s #Metal Blade Records (@MetalBlade) – nurturing home to great metal bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Armored Saint, Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth, and many more genre-defining bands – celebrates its 40th anniversary not only hosting three shows – two in Las Vegas and one in New York – but opening to the public the Metal Blade Museum, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In a statement via Twitter, Metal Blade Records founder Brian Slagel (@brianslagel) had the following to say:

“We are excited to celebrate 40 Years of METAL BLADE with 3 shows. Two in Las Vegas and one in New York! More details coming soon. Also, we will open the Metal Blade Museum to the public very soon as well!”

The first show, to be held in Brooklyn’s St. Vitus venue, on August 6th, will count on Rivers of Nihil as event headliners. It will also include a DJ set from Revocation’s Dave Davidson.

Rivers of Nihil’s musicality “have never fit neatly into a box,” and when they released Where the Owls Know My Name, in 2018, there was no label that suited them in any way. Their last work, then, placed “them in a category of their own,” using of wind instruments – baritone, soprano, and alto saxophone.

All images courtesy of Adrenaline PR/Metal Blade Records

On September 17th, as tweeted by Metal Blade Records, Las Vegas’s The Space will be hosting 1980s Thrash metal band Sacred Reich, who will be “thrashin’ it up.”

Thrash metal band Sacred Reich, originally from Phoenix, Arizona, had its Draining You of Life as “one of the most sought-after underground tapes..” Today, as they say, they are looking into “some fast, heavy songs to honor the old school fans that that have supported us.”

Still in Las Vegas, House of Blues will be, on October 5th, home of the third Metal Blade’s huge event, headliners still to be announced.

For the event, Metal Blade is to raffle swag bags, and 40th-anniversary-specific celebratory merchandise- to be collected following the link provided – will also be available for purchase.

Regarding the museum, Part one of a video on the “specially curated exhibit stocked with timeless memorabilia and artifacts” drawing back from 1982 until the present is available on YouTube.

Decibel Magazine and Metal and Beer Fest, in Philadelphia – headlined by Cannibal Corpse – were sponsored by Metal Blade Records.

From a limited 5000 copies of a 40th-anniversary edition, 2000 have been sold out. Get yours through the link provided above.

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