Guitarist Carlos Santana Collapses Onstage During Recent Performance

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By Fábio Moniz

During his summer tour alongside Earth, Wind & Fire, Santana’s show at Burgettstown, PA has been postponed due to his collapsing on stage in Michigan, at the Pine Knob Music Theatre. Santana, “Was taken to the emergency department at McLaren Clarkston for observation,” as can be read in a statement written by a representative for the fallen guitarist.

During the performance, Santana, described the song as, “Mystical medicine music to heal a world infected with fear, walked over to a riser, sat down, and appeared to pass out,” it reads on the UCR website. Apparently, Santana suffered from both, “Heat exhaustion and dehydration.”

After the show had stopped so that Santana could be attended by medical staff, and hidden, “From the crowd’s view,” his tour manager, Paul “Skip” Rickert, had appealed to the crowd to, “Share our prayers…we need it right now. Please send your light and love to this man.”

In the wake of his collapse, Santana could be seen waving to the fans as he departed from the stage, as can be seen in a video circulating the social media. High temperatures caused many people to collapse and also be treated for overheating.

In the statement by the representative for Santana, it is added, “Carlos Santana is doing well,” and later via Facebook, Sanatana himself had the following to say:

“To one and all – thank you for your precious prayers – Cindy and I are good, just taking it easy – forgot to eat and drink water, so I dehydrated and passed out – blessings and miracles to you all.”

We wish the guitar legend a quick and great recovery and will be waiting for more updates, soon.

All images courtesy of Getty Images

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