An Interview with Janis Tanaka of Pagan Babies, P!NK & Femme Fatale

Recently, we caught up with veteran bassist, Janis Tanaka of Pagan Babies, P!NK, L7, Femme Fatale, and more. Among other things, we touch on how Janis is kicking off 2022, her early years, her long and varied career in music, what’s next, and a whole lot more.

Women Who Rock

There is a common misconception that men dominate the Rock scene. It’s not true. Women have long co-dominated the Rock scene. The real issue is that they simply aren’t properly acknowledged for their achievements. Over the last several years, women have finally begun to speak out against those who oppress, undermine, and relegate them. It is no longer cool, or acceptable, to be a misogynistic alpha male.

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