Reflections on People of the Black Circle’s Deeply Compelling Debut Album

They call themselves People of the Black Circle, a doom metal band, but what are labels, anyway? Making use of themes and poems of Clark Ashton Smith, Howard Phillips, Lovecraft, and Ervin Howard, People of the Black Circle creates the perfect soundtrack to the themes these poets write on.

An Interview with Chris Babalis of Acid Mammoth

Acid Mammoth are a part of the new wave of heavy, doomy, Psych/Metal bands permeating throughout the Metal universe by way of the incredible European label, Heavy Psych Sounds. Chris Babalis is their leader, and I’ve got him aboard for a chat.

An Interview with Bruce Franklin of Trouble

When we talk about bands that influenced entire genres, let alone sub-genres, it’s easy to get caught up in hyperbole. With that being said, when I say that Trouble is one of the most influential Metal bands to ever take the stage — I mean it.

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