An Interview with Dave Rowntree of Blur

The era of what’s come to be known as “brit-pop” might be nothing more than a bygone period reduced to memory, but drummer Dave Rowntree’s creativity and innovation are anything but.

King Krule: Not Your Average Alternative Artist

Every now and then a musical artist comes along who completely rocks your world and turns everything you thought you knew about music upside down. For me, that artist was King Krule.

An Interview with Keith Rankin of Orange Milk Records

Keith has run Orange Milk for over a decade with his good friend Seth Graham. Orange Milk is known as one of the hardest working labels in the scene, putting out numerous releases every month in various formats. If you want to learn more about Orange Milk check out the interview below with Keith.

An Interview with Dean Terry AKA Tupperwave

I had the pleasure of speaking with the talented Dean Terry AKA Tupperwave to discuss, among other things, what he’s been up to during the lockdown, his newest music.

An Interview with Pad Chennington

That classic feeling of overwhelming discovery was two-fold with Vaporwave, as part of the allure of the scene, was the anonymity of the artists and their work. In came Pad Chennington.

An Interview with Ben of VILL4IN

VILL4IN is, for my money, one of the better labels in the Vaporwave game today. Sure, there are many labels out there doing what Ben (the founder) does, but not many do it better. I firmly believe that VILL4IN is a cut above in quality of product, customer service, and its active roster of artists.

An Interview with Robert Rich

Today, I’ve got an interview for you all with one of the definitive Ambient musicians of not only his generation but any generation. Robert Rich is a man who needs no introduction

An Interview Pekka Lavia AKA Ursula’s Cartridges

A handful of years ago, I fully immersed myself into the Vaporwave scene. One of the first Vaporwave records I ever bought was Escape to New York by Ursula’s Cartridges. Since then, Ursula’s Cartridges has become a staple of my Vaporwave listening sessions.

An Interview with Michael Glover AKA Miami Nights 1984

Miami Nights 1984, aka Michael Glover, is one of the pioneers of the current Synthwave scene. Early Summer and Turbulence are classics of the scene. His nostalgically lo-fi synth soundscapes are perfect for vibing out on your next late-night drive.

An Interview with Ben Braun AKA Hotel Pools

The rare artist comes in hot and continues to impress. Producer and musician Ben Braun has done that with his project Hotel Pools. Ben has already produced three modern-day indie-electronic classics under the moniker.

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