An Interview with Matt Starr of the Ace Frehley Band & Black Swan

“I realize there are so many talented musicians who have the passion and the ability, yet they will never have a successful career that is satisfying to them. That breaks my heart. What I teach with my coaching is everything that I used to transform my career, and ultimately, my life. It’s been an amazing journey helping people to actually live their dreams. I love it.”

An Interview with Pete Holmes of Black ‘N Blue & Ratt

“The band is sounding better than ever, so we can, and will do whatever we want. The best is yet to come.”

An Interview with Todd Kerns of Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators

Just two months into the new year, Slash’s fourth studio album with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, appropriately titled 4, is poised to compete for the award of rock album of the year.

An Interview with Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto of Hackedepicciotto

Recently, we caught up with indie duo Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto of Hackedepicciotto. Among other things, we touch on what they’ve been up to during the pandemic, their career, influences, newest music, and a whole lot more.

An Interview with Mike DelGaudio of the NoSleep Podcast

Mike DelGaudio, another longtime veteran of the show dating back to season 4 is someone who found his roots in the NoSleep subreddit and grew from there.

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