An Interview with Melissa Aldana

Melisa Aldana is a Chilean born tenor saxophonist, who performs both as a solo artist and with her band, the Melissa Aldana Crash Trio. In addition to being an accomplished solo artist, she has worked with Danilo Perez and was tutored by George Coleman.

An Interview with Rachel Eckroth

Rachel Eckroth is an American singer-songwriter and keyboardist who primarily works within the genre of Jazz. In addition to being an accomplished solo artist, she has worked with the likes of KT Tunstall, Chris Botti and is currently the keyboardist for Rufus Wainwright

An Interview with Mark Whitfield

Mark Whitfield is a fantastic Jazz guitarist who has been at it for over 30 years. He has collaborated with some of the finest musicians in the business across all genres to great success. His influence is undoubted during his era, and when it is all said and done, Mark will stand side by side all of the other greats of past, present and future.

An Interview with Alex Skolnick of Testament

Some artists are restless. They refuse to stagnate. They’re ever-evolving and always growing. Guitarist Alex Skolnick is one of those artists.

An Interview with Marquis Hill

Marquis is one of the leading Jazz musicians out there today. Like so many before him, he is carrying on the tradition of expanding boundaries and pushing the heart and soul of Jazz as an art form and genre toward horizons unknown.

An Interview with Champian Fulton

There is an entire generation of amazing Jazz musicians out there today who are making fantastic new and inspired music not only in the vein of their influences but something entirely fresh and truly invigorating to the long-standing canon of Jazz. One of those artists is pianist and vocalist, Champian Fulton.

An Interview with Charles McPherson

I love Jazz. Over the last few years, I’ve really dug my heels into the genre. As I’ve dug in, I’ve climbed the proverbial “family tree” of the genre, and when I reached the Charles Mingus branch, I found Charles McPherson, one of the best Jazz sax players that you will ever have the pleasure of hearing.

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