An Interview with Page Hamilton of Helmet

Today, I’ve got Page Hamilton, the leader and founder of the highly influential Alternative Metal band Helmet. A band who has spent the last several decades forging a path that is entirely their own and truly singular to their sonic vision.

An Interview with Mark Tornillo of T.T. Quick & Accept

Before invigorating German Heavy Metal powerhouse Accept with his New Jersey zest over a decade ago, Mark Tornillo was all but detached from the music industry.

An Interview with George Lynch of Dokken & The End Machine

The heralded axman, who proved to be the driving force behind his latest venture, The End Machine: Phase2, shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

An Interview with Jonny Renshaw of Devil Sold His Soul

After nearly a decade out of the spotlight, Metal band Devil Sold His Soul is back with a new record called Loss. With me for a chat is the band’s guitarist and founding member, Jonny Renshaw.

An Interview with Tommy Paris of Britny Fox

Today I chat with longtime Britny Fox vocalist Tommy Paris. We dig into his new music with Count 77, his time in Britny Fox, the effect of Grunge on the Hair Metal scene, the band’s reunion, and much more.

An Interview with Blaze Bayley of Iron Maiden & Wolfsbane

Blaze Bayley is a Metal lifer. He’s the longtime frontman of Wolfsbane, was the frontman of Iron Maiden during their highly underrated 90s period, and has had a long, successful solo career. After over thirty-five years of nonstop touring, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Blaze finally had a moment to collect his thoughts and begin work on what was to become his latest record, War Within Me, which is another fine addition to the stellar Blaze Bayley catalog.

An Interview with Steve Brown of The End Machine

While Mick enjoys retirement life amid the scorching Arizona heat, his brother, dubbed “Mild” Steve Brown by Lynch, captured his brother’s exuberance and thunderous drum fills on The End Machine: Phase 2.

An Interview with Esmée van Sinderen of Cobra Spell

Today I have young guitar wizard, Esmée van Sinderen, for a chat. We dig into what initially led her to the guitar, her ongoing evolution as a guitarist, her thoughts and feelings on social media, some of her favorite records, and more.

An Interview with Michael Sweet of Stryper

Michael Sweet has been keeping upbeat and productive during the pandemic, which is more than many can say. With a new released called Ten, and additional new music on the way, Michael had a lot to chat about.

An Interview with Mick Sweda of BulletBoys

After four decades in the Rock game, Mick Sweda isn’t quite done just yet. So, if you’re into howling guitars and good old-fashioned Rock, this one is for you.

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