Ken Kelly, Renowned KISS, Rainbow & Manowar Cover Artist Dead at Age 76

Acclaimed fantasy artist Ken Kelly has passed away at age 76. The news, which broke late Friday afternoon was later confirmed by the artist’s close friend, and confidant, Danny Stanton, who is also the president and founder of Coallier Entertainment.

An Interview with Doogie White of Alcatrazz

Recently, we caught up with veteran frontman, Doogie White of Alcatrazz. Among other things, we touch on what he’s been up to during the lockdown, his origins with La Paz, replacing Graham Bonnett, and a whole lot more.

An Interview Brian James Fox of White Tiger & Silent Rage

From a young age, Brian James Fox knew he wanted to play the drums, and after moving cross-country from Milwaukee to California, cutting his teeth on the Orange County club circuit, and making his way in various cover bands to make ends meet, Fox joined forces with starcrossed guitar virtuoso, and former KISS and Black Sabbath alumni, Mark St. John, and David Donato, along with Mark’s brother, Michael Norton, to form White Tiger.

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