An Interview with Anton Fig of Frehley’s Comet

I came to find out that a drummer named Anton Fig played on Dynasty, Unmasked as well as Ace Frehley‘s self-titled album, Ace Frehley. I also came to find that Anton had played on the bulk of Ace’s solo output. His style of drumming was entirely different than my previous idols. I know today that Anton’s love of Jazz was heavily incorporated into his Rock/Fusion style, but at the time, I had no real grasp of what I was hearing.

An Interview with Jimmy Chamberlin of Smashing Pumpkins

Jimmy is probably my favorite. He’s Rock. He’s Jazz. What’s not to like? Yeah, you could say his style speaks to me on a deep level. Jimmy isn’t just playing the drums. He grooves with the song and allows the listener to feel the emotional depth of the song within their gut. Not too many musicians can accomplish that, let alone on a consistent and prolonged basis.

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