Remembering MF DOOM

Somewhere beyond the depths of our reality and comprehension, DOOM is sitting back behind his mask and smiling. Wherever he is, I hope DOOM has an audience and that he’s still creating art the only way he knows how. At the very least, I hope the big man is at peace and resting. I know this…the next time I hear thunder, I will be wondering if that’s DOOM out there somewhere from the beyond sending beats our way.

An Interview with Angel Marcloid

I first discovered Angel through the project MindSpring Memories. At the time I was in the midst of a huge Vaporwave obsession and spent tons of time finding new artists to sink my teeth into. I discovered that Angel was behind MindSpring Memories and that it was one of many projects Angel had going on. I knew at that point I had to discover the other projects, and at the same time find out if any were available on vinyl.

An Interview with Frank Landry of Channel 33 RPM

A big part of why I do what I do (writing about music, art, vinyl) is because I enjoy being part of the Vinyl Community. For me, there are many facets of the VC. You’ve got Facebook groups, subreddits, and all that goes along with that. Another major component of the VC is the Youtubers. When I was first restarting my record collection years back, it was these Youtubers that fueled my interest and many of my buying habits at the time. Beyond that, they helped me learn. One of the earliest channels I remember watching was Channel 33 RMP.

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