An Interview with Christina AKA The Vinyl Guru

Christina AKA The Vinyl Guru is one of the new kids on the block within the YouTube Vinyl Community, but don’t be fooled or take her channel for granted. In a short time, Christina has managed to grow her channel and make a real impact on the VC.

Music Snobs Take Many Forms: Please Avoid Being Any of Them

Music snobs come in many forms. Don’t be one. That should be all you’d need to say but unfortunately it isn’t. It comes in far too many forms. The fact that we need a group for women only speaks volumes about the state of snobbery/sexism. But that’s a topic unto itself, and one I’m not qualified to tackle.

An Interview with Matt Kessler of Too Many Records

I first discovered the Too Many Records YouTube channel in 2016, and have been steadily watching it ever since. Not a week goes by where I don’t check in with Matt’s channel to catch up with and enjoy his latest videos. I found Matt’s channel at the perfect time in my journey.

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