An Interview with Chris Knight

Some of us have artists that are particularly special to us. For one reason or another, their words resonate, and sometimes their music will define or even soundtrack entire portions of our lives. For better or worse, certain places and memories will always be tied to their music, and for me, one of those songwriters is Chris Knight.

An Interview with Gail Petersen of The Catholic Girls

You’ve heard of The Runaways, and The Go-Go’s but how about The Catholic Girls? Gail Petersen and The Catholic Girls are back with their upcoming career spanning anthology, Rock ‘N’ Roll School For Girls and are roaring back, stronger than ever.

An Interview with John Salvage

I will never get tired of supporting indie artists and today is one of those days. John Salvage is a Michigan based artist, who is about to release his debut record, Coyote Hasten through Org Music.

An Interview with Tobias Nathaniel of The Red Step & The Black Heart Procession

Long time member of The Black Heart Procession, Tobias Nathaniel has branched out with a new group, The Red Step. A furious and dynamic blend of Post Punk and Garage Rock, The Red Step is everything you’re looking for to satiate your Garage Rock needs.

An Interview with Steve Von Till of Neurosis

Steve Von Till is a true new age man. While you may know him as the guitarist for Heavy Metal outfit, Nuerosis, he is so much more than that. It was a treat to speak with one of the most unique and well rounded musicians and poets of our time.

An Interview with Jack Shirley

Regardless of if you’re aware of it or not, Jack Shirley has played a major role, and had a huge influence on Indie and Punk Rock music over the last 17 years. He’s worked with the likes of Jeff Rosenstock, Joyce Manor, Deafhaven and more.

An Interview with Larry Jaffee

There is something about the type of writer and journalist that has honed their craft in such a way that each letter of each word carries immense weight. In essence, their opinions matter. For me, Larry Jaffee is one of those writers. Larry’s body of work, his taste, his passion, and his ethics truly speak to me. Within the depths of his words resides a man with good taste and solid ethics.

An Interview with II Nøthing II

Some artists are forever associated with being the epitome of a genre in my brain. One such artist is II Nothing II with his totally classic Vaporwave sound and signature production style.

An Interview with Julius Stabenow of Vinyl Digital

Here is one for all of the Hip-Hop heads to enjoy. So, I’ve been a fan of the German based vinyl web shop, Vinyl Digital, for a long time now. They have long been a source for great indie Hip-Hop, and some of my most sought after Instrumental and Lo-Fi records have come directly from their shop.

An Interview with Albert Bouchard of Blue Öyster Cult

Albert Bouchard has been in the Rock game for a long time. A long-time lover and appreciator of all things music, Albert was one of the founding members of the legendary Rock group, Blue Öyster Cult. As the band’s drummer, Albert played on the band’s first 8 records, the bulk of which are staples of American Classic Rock radio.

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