An Interview with Pearl Charles

I am relatively new to Pearl’s music, but I can say after a few listens of her new record Magic Mirror, that her retro aesthetic and Pop, Soul, Psych blend of Indie really and truly appeals to me. This is what I look for these days when I put on a new record.

Five Underrated Third Wave Emo Albums You Need To Listen To

As a 90s kid, my teenage and young adult years saw an influx of Emo, Punk, Pop and hardcore music, which stays with me to this day. This scene was often referred to as the “second wave” of Emo/Post-Hardcore.

An Interview with Nikki Stringfield of The Iron Maidens

The new age of of fierce, rocking female guitarists is stronger than ever. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing several already, and it’s my pleasure to have Nikki Stringfield with us today.

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