An Interview with Matt Thorne of Rough Cutt

A veteran of the Los Angeles music scene in the 1980s, Matt Thorne experienced the inevitable highs and lows of the music industry before discovering a passion that would change his career path.

An Interview with John Lodge of The Moody Blues

There is a tremendous amount of history to cover when it comes to The Moody Blues, from the invention of Prog Rock to the mid-70s break, and subsequent rocky reunion, and a whole lot more. John was an absolute pleasure to speak to, and we cover it all in this career-spanning interview.

An Interview with Karl Wilcox of Diamond Head

Recently, we caught up with veteran drummer, Karl Wilcox of Diamond Head. Among other things, we touch on what he’s been up to during the lockdown, his origins, Diamond Head’s resurgence, and influence, what’s next for the band, and a whole lot more.

An Interview with Leslie Mandoki of the Mandoki Soulmates

From humble beginnings in Hungary, at an early age, Mandoki developed an affinity for both Jazz, and Prog Rock, and sought to bring to fruition, an ambitious vision of combining the two while coupling the music with Mandoki’s socio-political leanings.

An Interview with John Jaycee Cuijpers of Praying Mantis

Recently, we caught up with veteran frontman, John Jaycee Cuijpers of Praying Mantis. Among other things, we touch on what he’s been up to during the lockdown, his origins, Praying Mantis’ upcoming album, joining Praying Mantis, his thoughts on the music industry today, and a whole lot more.

An Interview with Mark Dover of Imani Winds & Port Mande

Some people have a one-dimensional way of looking at music and how instrumentation is used. Some seek to dismantle this way of thinking. Accomplished musician Mark Dover is one such dismantler.
His work in countless genres with countless groups has shown how he has tried to challenge the way we look at music and his instrument, the clarinet.

Ten 70s Albums That Were The Peak of Classic Artists’ Careers

Every artist has a peak. It might be their commercial peak or, it might be their creative peak, and sometimes, both occur on the same recording, but not always.

An interview with Guy Fletcher of Dire Straits

Every megaband has its unsung heroes and every platinum album is greater than the sum of its parts. While many know Mark Knopfler, the guitar virtuoso, and de facto leader of Dire Straits, many aren’t aware of the rest of the bands’ important contributions. Enter Guy Fletcher.

Meet Marcos Félix & His Project: Ladra Karasu

Introducing Ladra Karasu, a funked-up Post Punk music project by Marcos KB Félix. The name, “Ladra Karasu,” is the aggregation of the words Ladra and Karasu from the Portuguese, and Japanese languages, respectively.

An Interview with Tony Harnell of TNT

Widely heralded for his soaring vocals and innate sense of melody, Tony Harnell’s predetermined path toward Rock ‘N’ stardom was forged at an early age.

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