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Favorite Albums of the Year, 2021 Edition

For this list, these are my personal preferences on releases this year. They won’t always necessarily be the best, but they are the ones that stuck with me or impressed me. Basically, what I wound up listening to the most. 2021 was quite a great year for music for me personally, and for the first time in quite a while made narrowing down a list rather difficult. After some internal debate, this is what I finally narrowed them all down to.

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Horse Rotorvator: Darkness and Death As Art

Death is a fact of life, and acknowledging it and facing it head-on as this album does, albeit harsh at times, also shows the fragility and fleetingness of our time on this planet. It may seem desolate, but it also shows that there’s so much to live for. You just have to find the light that will always be there, shining within the darkness.

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Music Has The Right To Children: Memories Of A Childhood You Didn’t Live

Back in the 90s, finding new, off-the-beaten-path music wasn’t as easy as it is today. With modern tools like Spotify, YouTube, and Bandcamp, finding bands is literally a click of a mouse away. No, back in the day, you had to rely on word of mouth.

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