Reviewing Malice in Eden’s Doomy Debut

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By Trevor ‘Krash’ Knight

Welcome to another Krash Kourse review. This week, we will discuss Malice in Eden’s self-titled debut EP, released in 2022.

Malice in Eden is a rock band based out of Austin, TX. Formed in 2021 with a big and full sound, Malice in Eden consists of Barak Alexander Seguin (lead vocals), Chris Jordan (drums), Jeff Simmons (bass), and Adrian Arostone (lead guitar). The group is preparing to barnstorm the rock and metal scene with its debut EP, which we’ll take a deep dive into below.

The EP opens with “Now You Know,” with the first leg of the track harboring some Black Sabbath vibes. With its drawn-out sonics, “Now You Know” is a stour opening. From there, we move into a mid-tempo paced song called “Chains.” I dug this one as it got my head moving, and its groove was easy to settle into. Alexander Seguin shows his expansive vocal range, which pairs nicely with Arostone’s lead work. Moreover, the rhythm section of Simmons and Jordan brings up the rear with a full-sounding pocket.

Moving on to the third track, we have “Diamond Bright.” I found this cut faster-paced, but it managed those portions with a few slower movements for balance. It could be said that this is the weakest track on Malice in Eden’s EP, but it’s far from poor. Arostone’s guitar work and solos are highlights, as is Alexander Seguin’s vocal work.

All images courtesy of Getty Images/Wiki Commons

The EP’s final track, titled “Trance Electric,” rings in as my favorite, and it was certainly worth the wait. Honestly, this track makes the price of admission worthwhile, as Arostone’s riffs catch your attention, as do Simmons’ bass grooves. It’s nearly in the band’s career, but it’s not a stretch to call this their “signature song.”

Overall, I found Malice in Eden’s debut EP to be intriguing. It’s heavy, full, hits hard, and contains more than a few hints of doom metal. I enjoyed the EP across multiple listens, which led me to give this one a solid 3.5/5. What’s more, the EPs production should not go unnoticed. I’d wager that there is great potential here for the Eden boys, as this is quite an excellent first release.

As we look ahead, I can say that I’m excited to see what comes next from Malice in Eden. I’d recommend the band to any hard rock fan who likes sludgy tempos, full vocals, and some ’90s-style guitar. With no band to thoroughly compare Malice in Eden to, I’d say they’re unique, which is another plus. Pick up the self-titled EP and follow Malice in Eden on their social media here. 

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