The Most Popular Betting Scenes in Music Videos

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Music has always acted as a mirror to the times, reflecting onto life’s greatest passions, from love to relationships – and, of course, betting! From folk fanatics to pop aficionados and hip-hop hustlers, there’s an anthem for all betting tastes out there – and we’ve collected the top seven tracks with an unrivaled air of style and substance.

“Churchill Downs” by Jack Harlow & Drake

Just days ago, Jack Harlow made his grand release of his 2nd LP, Come Home, the Kids Miss You. To accompany the record, he’s now premiered the official video for one of its most popular cuts – “Churchill Downs.” This one hails straight out of Louisville, Kentucky.

Ace Pro expertly created the music video showcasing two rappers attending the 2022 Kentucky Derby. Prior to the event, Bovada sports betting odds had Epicenter +400 as the frontrunner even before the event and MCs, not missing out on this opportunity, belt out their verses while horses were racing; DJ Drama, Druski, Hit-Boy, Bryson Tiller, Taylor Rooks, and Harlow’s mother a few among those who made cameo appearances.

“Desperado” by The Eagles

“Desperado,” the timeless masterpiece by The Eagles, is one of the greatest hits from their `1973 album of the same name. It is a composition of Glen Frey and Don Henley which has delighted many for years. This song tells of an individual being trapped in his own mind, struggling to emerge from his voluntary seclusion. Despite its old age, it is still a beloved classic and a defining song in the band’s career.

The amazing songwriting expertise of Frey and Henley shines through in “Desperado” by the way they cleverly reference card games throughout. This just makes the track all the more special.

“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” music video is a definite classic and one of the most unforgettable tunes when it comes to gambling. Interesting to watch, the video reflects an era and continues to charm generation after generation. It is worth mentioning and comparing to the modern music videos out there.

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In the video, Rogers displays his talents as an experienced gambler and offers words of wisdom to a young passenger on the train. He’s sipping whiskey and participating in a game of poker, imbuing the whole video with a vintage feel.

“Ace of Spades” by Motörhead

The timeless smash hit “Ace of Spades” is one more song with a gamble-themed vibe. The title of the song speaks to the most powerful card in a game of cards, and the words of the track are full of metaphors and images related to betting:

Playing brings joy, regardless of any words that may be said. It is a pleasure unlike any other; it holds no grudges and can’t be weighed down. It allows us to be free and forget our worries, to create something beautiful nothing else can compare to. Playing is life in its purest form.

Motörhead’s frontman Lemmy Kilmister and guitarist Phil Campbell had a special bond over their shared passion for playing slot machines, so it is only natural that they used this as inspiration in their songs. 

“When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” by Jerry Reed

The classic song skyrocketed up the charts following its release; it spent five consecutive weeks at the top of the Billboard Country list and hit the highest peak of number nine on the Popular Music Top 40 Chart.

Reed is singing about his unexpected luck at an unlawful craps game that quickly shifted to dismay when a police officer showed up and separated everybody. Taken to the courtroom, Reed makes a surprising discovery: the judge is somebody he owes money to from before for a fishing trip gone awry. In the end, the judge sentences Reed to 90 days behind bars for his unlawful gaming.

“The Winner Takes It All” by Abba

The song “The Winner Takes It All” by Abba deserves to be on the list because it turns a common wagering expression into a metaphor for ending a marriage. The song was written by Bjorn Ulvaeus, and it’s generally accepted that his divorce from fellow bandmate Agnetha Fältskog was the inspiration. This made the subject matter for the song difficult to write about. 

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The lyrics in the song illustrate the notion of “winner takes all” by showing how one partner leaves a relationship with nothing left for the other.

“Countin'” by 2 Chainz”

For all the hip-hop fanatics out there, who love tracks related to sports betting, you need to listen to “Countin” by 2 Chainz. Not only do you get to see him gambling but also an insight into his personal experiences and the distress that comes with bookmaking. This single will give you a thorough look into the highs and lows of sports betting.

In the face of adversity, the beat of this song continues to entice listeners with its peppy energy to reflect the highs and lows of gambling.

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