Seraina Telli Dishes on New Music & The Swiss Metal Scene

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The Swiss metal bombshell gives the rundown on Simple Talk, women in metal, and her songwriting process.

By Dylan Peggin

After making a name for herself in metal groups such as Burning Witches and Dead Venus, Switzerland’s own Seraina Telli has released her debut solo album, Simple Talk. The album is full of solid songwriting, musical virtuosity, vocal power, and the right attitude to make Seraina stand out amongst the metal pack as a new artist.

VWMusic had a chance to square up with Telli recently to discuss her new record, artistry, and her stance on women within the metal community.

What are the origins of Simple Talk? Were the songs older ideas or fresh approaches?

Most of the songs were written especially for the album and, therefore, new. But I had some ideas lying around for years which I rearranged too, like the song “Medusa,” for example. In my solo project, I have a clear concept of the look and how the songs should sound. But still, I am very free in the writing process. Real freedom comes with certain boundaries. Compared to Dead Venus, it’s clearly more catchy, and that’s good. I love to write, play and sing for two totally different bands.

The song “I’m Not Sorry” is an inspiring anthem about embracing oneself. Would you say that music has given you an opportunity to channel selfempowerment?

Yes, very much. It’s very important to have good melodies. Also very important to me are the lyrics. It’s an essential part of my music, and writing music is very important to me to express myself. I believe that music can somehow heal the world, and it’s a great way to speak to people; it reaches them on another level.

Musicians in the metal genre have a reputation for their virtuosic abilities. What is the secret to obtaining that signature style?

First of all, virtuosity comes with practice. Developing a signature style is something different for me. Here, it is important to create your own style, for which you need certain skills which also come with practice. So, now you know what you have to do.

All images courtesy of Metalville PR

Do you feel that women in metal are being represented more these days?

This is a major topic for me personally and in my music. The number of women in metal and rock music is rising, but we still need more females in leading positions in the music business in general. We need more role models, and we still need better representation in the whole music industry. For example, I played at a festival last month where I was the only woman in the whole lineup of 15 bands.

I always liked strong women. Starting with Christina Aguilera, who isn’t a metal musician, of course, but come on, that woman rocks! Today, I am a fan of Lizzy Hale, Tatjana of Jinjer, Alissa from Arch Enemy, Samantha Fish, and the lovely Nita Strauss. And the band Thundermother is doing a great job; they definitely make a difference. I’m sure there are certainly more I forgot to mention here.

What is the star of the Swiss music scene, and who are some of your musical contemporaries that you listen to personally?

The metal scene in Switzerland is small but pretty solid. The metal people are faithful followers. As for who I listen to – and these are not all Swiss bands – I really like Halestorm, Black Stone Cherry, Opeth, Riverside, and The Pretty Reckless. But I have to drive home my love for Opeth; they are always amazing.

Is there still a future for Dead Venus, or is your solo career your main focus going forward?

Oh, Dead Venus is still alive! Since I am the songwriter and founder, it’s not just a band for me, it’s much more, and there will be more to come. But for now, I am focusing strongly on my solo career since everything is going very well. There will be a balance between the two, but like I said, my solo music is the focus for now. Stay tuned

All images courtesy of Metalville PR

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