An Interview with Suzi Quatro

Quatro’s angelic, yet rocking voice, and galloping basslines burst upon an unsuspecting scene with her debut record, Suzi Quatro (1973). As the decade wore on, Quatro remained one of the genres defining figures behind the release of a string of classic albums, Quatro (1974), Your Mamma Won’t Like Me (1975), Aggro-Phobia (1976), and If You Knew Suzi… (1978).

An Interview with Danny Farrow of Angel

2019’s Risen, served to put the world on notice that not only had Angel returned, but the band intended to remain vital. Ever-resistant to the “legacy act” moniker, Angel has just wrapped production and mastering on what appears to be their soon-to-be-released eighth studio album, Once Upon A Time.

An Interview with Paul Piccari of Hit The Ground Runnin’

Touted as one of the best unknown and underrated Hard Rock bands from the 80s, Hit The Ground Runnin’ enjoyed mild success in the form of having released Sudden Impact in 1989 and having been one of the bands to appear on Dance Party/Dance Party USA regularly and more often than other band or artist.

An Interview with Christian Dryden of The Ritualists

Recently, we caught up with Christian Dryden of The Ritualists. Among other things, we touch on what he’s been up to during the lockdown, his origins in music, the bands’ newest music, and a whole lot more.

An Interview with Reggie Wu of Heavens Edge

Even before joining forces with Mark Evans to form Heavens Edge in 1987, guitarist Reggie Wu had already established himself as a noted member of the New Jersey and Philadelphia music scenes. Wu, a renowned axe-slinger whose technical prowess is intertwined with an innate sense of melody, honed his chops in different bands prior to joining Whitefoxx, an all-original rock band based in New Jersey.

An Interview with Tony Harnell of TNT

Widely heralded for his soaring vocals and innate sense of melody, Tony Harnell’s predetermined path toward Rock ‘N’ stardom was forged at an early age.

An Interview with Zinny Zan of Zinny Zan & Formerly of Easy Action & Shotgun Messiah

Zinny Zan first made his mark on the international music scene as a frontman for the band Easy Action at the age of eighteen, after cutting his teeth in Sweden’s booming music scene.

An Interview with Andy Scott of Sweet

As an original member of the classic 70s Rock outfit, Sweet, Andy Scott influenced generations of Rock bands and helped lay the foundation of what would become an explosion of Glam and Hair Metal in the 1980s.

An Interview with Mark Tornillo of T.T. Quick & Accept

Before invigorating German Heavy Metal powerhouse Accept with his New Jersey zest over a decade ago, Mark Tornillo was all but detached from the music industry.

An Interview with George Lynch of Dokken & The End Machine

The heralded axman, who proved to be the driving force behind his latest venture, The End Machine: Phase2, shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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