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Ten 70s Albums That Were The Peak of Classic Artists’ Careers

Every artist has a peak. It might be their commercial peak or, it might be their creative peak, and sometimes, both occur on the same recording, but not always.

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An Interview with Jeremy Pena of The Bandulus

The Bandulus are the brainchild of Jeremy Peña, a musician from Austin, Texas. Formerly of Los Skarnales and the Trenchtown Texans, Peña ventured out on his own to create the traditional ska, reggae, and soul sensation that is The Bandulus.

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An Interview with Ioana Vintu of ‘Nuf Said

NYC is teeming with amazing, young, and hungry Jazz artists right now, and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with many of them. Ioana Vintu is one of those artists, but with a slightly new spin.

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An Interview with Paul Stanley of KISS

While most of you know Paul as the frontman, and rhythm guitarist of Hard Rock band, KISS, if you were to dig deeper into not only his music but his story, you would find that his roots aren’t so much Zeppelin and Sabbath as they are Otis Redding and Solomon Burke.

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A Interview with Delvon Lamarr of the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio

If you’re into Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues or any old school music on Stax, CTI, Volt and the like, then I’ve got something for you. The Delvon Lamarr Trio is the answer to your music prayers.

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An Interview with Mitch Sigurdson of Black Market Brass

2020 was a pretty messed up year. That said, we still saw a ton of totally ace music released. One of my albums of the year was definitely Undying Thirst by Black Market Brass. A dizzying array of horns, percussion and guitars all jammed into one insane torrent of Funk-laden grooviness.

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