An Interview with Leather Leone of Rude Girl & Chastain

Recently, I caught up with heavy metal firestorm, Leather Leone. Among other things, we touch on how Leather is kicking off 2022, the formation of Rude Girl, joining Chastain, her twenty-year musical hiatus, stepping back into the limelight, and a whole lot more.

An Interview with Diva Satánica of Nervosa

Recently, we caught up with veteran vocalist, Diva Satánica of Nervosa. Among other things, we touch on how Nervosa is kicking off 2022, the band’s revitalized lineup, Diva’s entry into the band, and a whole lot more.

An Interview with Marc Storace of Krokus and Storace

“This wasn’t trying to copy Krokus and fill the gap that Krokus leaves behind, it’s actually trying to create stuff that’s coming deep within me, together with good songwriting partners, and going my way into the future because Krokus came to an end.”

An Interview with Ray West of Spread Eagle

While you may not know Ray West by his face, or by his name, one thing is certain, take one listen to the music of Spread Eagle, and you will know West by the scream.

An Interview with Tim “Ripper” Owens of KK’s Priest

Owens took the music world by storm 25 years ago, joining legendary English Heavy Metal act, Judas Priest as a relatively unknown singer. Much to the delight of Priest faithful, Ripper’s fiery vocals and captivating energy captured the essence of the band’s classic sound.

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