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An Interview with Michael Fremer of AnalogPlanet

If you head over to AnalogPlanet’s YouTube channel, that quote is what you will be greeted with? Is it true? Probably. At least to a certain degree. If anyone has the answers, or has a good shot at cracking the code, it’s AnalogPlanet’s Michael Fremer.

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Dream Sitch Takes You On a Synth-Driven Trip!

I sure hope that this is not the last that the public sees of Dream Sitch. This album provides some strongly-written songs with tight arrangements that take the listener on this synth-driven trip; a definite escape needed from this crazy times.

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An Interview with Lucas Carpenter

Lucas Carpenter has been hard at work on his new EP, “The Shimmer.” What have you been doing during the pandemic? All jokes aside, Lucas’s new EP really does “slap,” if you’re into this sort thing.

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