An Interview with Michael Glover AKA Miami Nights 1984

Miami Nights 1984, aka Michael Glover, is one of the pioneers of the current Synthwave scene. Early Summer and Turbulence are classics of the scene. His nostalgically lo-fi synth soundscapes are perfect for vibing out on your next late-night drive.

An Interview with Ian Taylor of the Adolescents

I’ve got Ian Taylor with us today. We talk about his early days out in the des, how he came to love Punk, end up buddies with Nick Oliveri and eventually take his well-deserved place within the legendary Punk Rock outfit, the Adolescents.

An Interview with Scott Devendorf of The National & LNZNDRF

I’ve got an interview with Scott Devendorf for you all to enjoy today. We cover Scott’s early musical origins, LNZNDRF’s new record II, the early days of The National, the recording of I Am Easy To Find, some of Scott’s favorite music, and much more.

An Interview with Brad Logan of Leftöver Crack

Leftöver Crack was also the last concert I went to before the pandemic shut live music down as we know it. It seems like everyone that loves music has their final show stuck with them in their brain. At least, I know I have.

Reviewing Micah Sheveloff’s Rockville

Micah Sheveloff was gracious enough to send us a copy of his LP Rockville, and it’s a wonderful easy listening composition of songs that range from melancholic realizations to songs about hopefulness and happiness for the future.

An Interview with Mick Sweda of BulletBoys

After four decades in the Rock game, Mick Sweda isn’t quite done just yet. So, if you’re into howling guitars and good old-fashioned Rock, this one is for you.

An Interview with Daru Jones

2X Grammy Winner Daru Jones is one of the most respected drummers of his generation who has recorded, performed, and toured with an eclectic mix of renowned artists and producers.

An Interview with Chris Babalis of Acid Mammoth

Acid Mammoth are a part of the new wave of heavy, doomy, Psych/Metal bands permeating throughout the Metal universe by way of the incredible European label, Heavy Psych Sounds. Chris Babalis is their leader, and I’ve got him aboard for a chat.

An Interview with Ben Nichols of Lucero

Do you like Memphis Soul? Classic Country? Old school Punk? Contemporary Alt-Rock? What if I told you a band could incorporate all those elements into one comprehensive sound?

An Interview with Lynda Mandolyn of Crystal Canyon

It’s early yet to be talking about my favorite albums of the year…but Yours With Affection and Sorrow is already one of, if not my favorite album of the year. Again, I know it’s early.

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