An Interview with Ian Taylor of the Adolescents

I’ve got Ian Taylor with us today. We talk about his early days out in the des, how he came to love Punk, end up buddies with Nick Oliveri and eventually take his well-deserved place within the legendary Punk Rock outfit, the Adolescents.

An Interview with Scott Devendorf of The National & LNZNDRF

I’ve got an interview with Scott Devendorf for you all to enjoy today. We cover Scott’s early musical origins, LNZNDRF’s new record II, the early days of The National, the recording of I Am Easy To Find, some of Scott’s favorite music, and much more.

An Interview with Brad Logan of Leftöver Crack

Leftöver Crack was also the last concert I went to before the pandemic shut live music down as we know it. It seems like everyone that loves music has their final show stuck with them in their brain. At least, I know I have.

Reviewing Micah Sheveloff’s Rockville

Micah Sheveloff was gracious enough to send us a copy of his LP Rockville, and it’s a wonderful easy listening composition of songs that range from melancholic realizations to songs about hopefulness and happiness for the future.

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