An Interview with Carl Verheyen of Supertramp

On the subject of guitar, more so, lead guitar, I’ve got one of the best and most versatile with us today in Carl Verheyen. You may know him for his long career as a solo artist, session man, and of course as the lead guitarist of Supertramp on and off since 1985.

Stolen? Borrowed? What’s the Difference? I Don’t Know. I Just Noticed a Few Things

If you stick with this and listen to the songs, you’ll realize I’m still batshit crazy, but these sonic similarities are real.

An Interview with Matt Isaacs of No, This is Patrick!

Today, I’ve got an interview with guitarist and founding member of No, This is Patrick!, Matt Isaacs! If you like your Pop Punk leaning towards the hardcore, fast and fierce side of things, then give these guys a listen!

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