An Interview with Tim “Ripper” Owens of KK’s Priest

Owens took the music world by storm 25 years ago, joining legendary English Heavy Metal act, Judas Priest as a relatively unknown singer. Much to the delight of Priest faithful, Ripper’s fiery vocals and captivating energy captured the essence of the band’s classic sound.

An Interview with Wolf Hoffmann of Accept

In early 2021, when veteran Metal outfit, Accept, released their newest effort, Too Mean To Die smack dab in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were doing more than just pushing new tunes out into the world. No, they were reminding us that life is a litmus test.

An Interview with Jaime St. James of Black ‘N Blue

The 80s was a glorious time for Rock music. A time looked back on with reverence and nostalgia. There are some who feel that the era of Hair Metal was the last great era of Classic Rock. A final, yet monstrous gasp from the beast that is Rock and Heavy Metal.

An Interview with Nichole Goodnight of the NoSleep Podcast

Nichole along with a few others is absolutely one of my favorite voice actors on the podcast, and one that I truly feel gives the show that little extra something special. Her versatility and dedication to the craft of voice acting are always apparent, and the characters she embodies are always infinitely memorable.

An Interview with Dave Evans of ACϟDC

In the 47 years since his departure from ACϟDC, Evans has endured a winding musical journey. He may never elude the ACϟDC label, but these days, he’s thrilled doing things his way, touring the world, producing new music, and making his mark as a solo artist.

An Interview With Erika Sanderson of the NoSleep Podcast

Today, we yet again continue our NoSleep Podcast interview series with another one of the show’s long-time regulars and among the best of them, Erika Sanderson.

An Interview With Mary Murphy of the NoSleep Podcast

Continuing our NoSleep Podcast series of interviews we have Mary Murphy with us today! Mary has been with the show and lending her unique voice for the last 6 seasons.

An Interview with Derek “Mo” Moore of Nektar

In the spring of 2020, veteran Prog-Rock outfit Nektar was riding high on the heels of a 30+ city tour supporting their new album The Other Side, and then COVID ground everything to a halt.

An Interview with Michael Gilbert of Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam are one of the underrated, and perhaps unheralded heroes of the Thrash and Speed Metal genres. For nearly forty years the group has consistently released outstanding music within their genre.

An Interview with Marc Storace of Krokus

The Maltese-born frontman would ultimately rise to prominence with the legendary Swiss rock band Krokus after years of toiling in limbo, but Storace was destined for Rock ‘N’ Roll stardom long before becoming a household name across the globe.

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