An Interview with Mark Evans of Heavens Edge

Just like any other night, Mark Evans took center stage radiating his infectious energy, while maintaining impeccable attention to detail. His band, Network, was gearing up to do an original set at Enchante Dance Club, in Cherry Hill, NJ.

An Interview with Kenney Jones of The Small Faces, The Faces & The Who

It was Kenney Jones who taught me an important lesson: as a drummer, it’s not all about flash and bombast. Keeping time, and playing tasteful, yet razor-sharp fills is what is most important, then, and only then do you inject your style, which is always based on what the song requires.

An Interview with Dean Terry AKA Tupperwave

I had the pleasure of speaking with the talented Dean Terry AKA Tupperwave to discuss, among other things, what he’s been up to during the lockdown, his newest music.

An Interview with Erin Lillis of the NoSleep Podcast

After about a dozen of these wonderful interviews there’s not much more I can say that hasn’t been said already about all the amazing people behind the NoSleep Podcast. I truly appreciate everyone involved in this ongoing project we have with the people that make the show run.

An Interview with Simon Kirke of Bad Company & Free

Between his powerful backbeat, innate sense of groove, and simplistic approach, Simon Kirke was at the forefront of laying the foundation for a new era of Rock ‘N’ Roll drummers.

An Interview with Bob Lord of Dreadnaught

I had the pleasure of chatting with the ever-interesting bassist extraordinaire, Bob Lord to discuss, among other things, what he’s been up to during the lockdown, his newest music, his thoughts on the music scene going forward

An Interview with Atticus Jackson of the NoSleep Podcast

Atticus is easily one of the most recognizable of the bunch, and you can be sure that when he’s a part of any given story, it’s bound to be memorable.

An Interview With Wafiyyah White of the NoSleep Podcast

Wafiyyah speaks on her inspirational story in which she went from being a fan of the show to being a regular actor on it. Wafiyah is absolutely one of the voices that I can most easily put a name to, and with good reason as she continues to regularly lend out her voice.

The Head on the Door: The Cure

The Head on the Door is the sixth studio album from The Cure. The album was released in 1985 following up on the 1984 record The Top.

The Final Countdown: 5 Underrated Guitarists of the 80s Hard Rock & Heavy Metal-Era

When it comes to the guitar, speak to me with your playing. Send me a message without actually talking to me. I don’t care how fast you can play, or how many notes you can jam in a 30-second solo. Is that impressive from a technical standpoint? Sure. Does it speak to me personally? Not really.

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