An Interview with Lips Kudlow of Anvil

After decades spent setting trends, but never getting their deserved due, beginning with 2016’s Anvil Is Anvil, the band began a run to unmitigated glory, which continued with Pounding the Pavement (2018), Legal At Last (2020), and the band latest effort, Impact is Imminent, released on May 20th, 2022.

Reviewing Sharon Van Etten’s We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong

I think for me, this currently is my second favorite release from Sharon Van Etten behind Are We There. It could possibly rise up and take the top spot. I like it much more than Remind Me Tomorrow, but now I can see how vital that record and her transformation on it were so that she could get to this point, and deliver this very open, raw piece of work.

One Night Only: Original KISS Drummer Peter Criss Hits The Stage Once Again With Sisters Doll

Peter Criss’ 2017 show at New York Cities Cutting Room was supposed to be his final show, and for five years, that promise rang true.

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