A Rockin’ Evening with Hinder at the Cavalier

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By Kimmarie Erickson

Let’s face it, 2022 has not been all sunshine and Unicorns. Ever since the calendar was turned to 2020, the world has been a big ole dumpster fire.

In these uncertain times, people look for things to comfort them, some people turn to comfort food, and I, on the other hand, turn to comfort music. Comfort music, to me, is music of any genre I can connect with and escape the chaos of the world around me. One of the bands that I still turn to when I need that safe cocoon of music is Hinder.

Hinder’s album, Extreme Behavior, came out in 2005 and was the soundtrack to my hot girl summer. Each song on that album can evoke a memory that sometimes is so vivid it is like I’m back to the days when the world was brighter. So, when I discovered that Hinder would be playing in my city, the 20-something party girl deep inside me squealed for joy.

All images courtesy of Getty Images/Wiki Commons

This was my first concert of 2022, and I was a little apprehensive about being the official press and photographing the show. The venue, Cavalier Theatre, and Lounge were jam-packed with eager Hinder fans, the vibe was electrifying, and I felt like I was home. The minute the stage went dark, the crowd around me erupted in cheers of exultation.

Frontman Marshall Dutton had just about every person in the audience wrapped around his little finger from the moment he began to croon. Dutton has such a commanding presence that he seems larger than life. He performed each of Hinder’s mega-hits like they were part of his very essence.

The energy these Oklahoma natives emitted was almost shocking, considering these guys have been touring for 20-something years. The synergy on that stage was almost palpable, and I believe the Hinder guys genuinely loved what they were doing that Thursday night in La Crosse, WI, at the Cavalier during their sold-out show. If there was ever any question if Hinder was still relevant in the music world. seeing all the fans sing each song word for word answered that question; Hinder is alive and kickin’!

I will now address the elephant in the room, yes, I am entirely aware that Hinder is not classified as a Metal band, and I don’t give a rat’s patootie. I think you all should check out Hinder on their fall tour and make memories of your own.

Kimmarie Erickson (@KimmarieEricks1) is a contributor for www.vwmusicrocks.com and may be reached at skullgurlmanagement@yahoo.com

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