Canadian Musical Secrets: Tell Your Friends!

Hey, America! For every Rush, Celine Dion, Bieber, or Drake there are twenty (or more) artists just as deserving of your attention over the last thirty years. Some have been successful here in Canada but stalled at your border for some reason. I’m here to tell you about some of them.

Stolen? Borrowed? What’s the Difference? I Don’t Know. I Just Noticed a Few Things

If you stick with this and listen to the songs, you’ll realize I’m still batshit crazy, but these sonic similarities are real.

It’s…A LIVE! Album

Well I’m a big lover of live albums and I know lots of music lovers that are as well. If you dig music by bands with a traditional drummer, bass player, guitarist or two and vocalist then there are lot’s of great live albums to dig into.

Hype Stickers! Buzz Words. 180 Gram. Remastered: Help Your Brothers & Sisters Out With the “Truth” When the Pressing Sucks

So, what’s worse than seeing someone post a new record and getting excited about picking it up only to find the pressing sucks? A visit to the proctologist (or gynecologist for the ladies)? Sorry. Now you’re starting to get why they call me P.S. Idiot.

Music Snobs Take Many Forms: Please Avoid Being Any of Them

Music snobs come in many forms. Don’t be one. That should be all you’d need to say but unfortunately it isn’t. It comes in far too many forms. The fact that we need a group for women only speaks volumes about the state of snobbery/sexism. But that’s a topic unto itself, and one I’m not qualified to tackle.

Reissues & First Time on Vinyl: It’s A Great Time to Be Alive

The 90’s were a dark decade for vinyl. It carried over well into the early 2000’s but slowly got better. Reissues are becoming more and more plentiful, and so are first time on vinyl pressings. There are some great bands and albums that have finally made it into my collection replacing my CD copies as of late.

Rapid Musical Perspectives Archives

Please enjoy the full archives of Rapid Musical Perspectives with P.S. Idiot, by Andrew Earle, here.

Are Vinyl Groups the Latest Version of the Mixtape?

One DJ actually made his own radio edit of “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow”, prompting Zappa to release it as a single. As technology advances and tape recorders became smaller (reel to reel was bulky and cumbersome), cassette tapes became the cheap and easy norm. The mixtape soon followed.

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