Taiwan Beats Showcase: An Exercise In Global Musical Mastery

All in all, the 2022 version of the Taiwan Beats Showcase has proved to be integral to the region’s growth and continues to demonstrate Taiwan’s importance to the overarching independent and alternative scenes. I am of the opinion that the showcase will continue to serve as a proving ground for young and old artists alike, as they gain greater exposure and subsequent entry into the western zeitgeist.

An Interview with Eddie Trunk

For as long as I can remember, Eddie Trunk has been a part of Q104.3 as a host, mostly on Friday nights with his Eddie Trunk Rocks show. Eddie has been a huge force within the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock scenes for over 35 years.

An Interview with Marc Smith AKA DJ Emskee

Marc Smith AKA DJ Emskee is one of the true legendary DJs out there today, and he has been since the mid-80s. Marc’s take on record collecting (hoarding?), as well as his refreshing views on social media’s impact on music and the industry as a whole, were truly enlightening.

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