An Interview with Jeff Cotton of Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band

For Mojave Desert native Jeff Cotton, working with psych-rock legend Captain Beefheart was a literal gut punch.

An Interview with Ahmet Zappa

Recently, I caught up with the ever-dextrous, multi-faceted, Ahmet Zappa. Among other things, we touch on The Zappa Band’s upcoming headlining shows, who will be taking the stage, the influence of Ahmet’s father, Frank Zappa, where things stand with his brother Dweezil, the prospect of new music, and a whole lot more.

An Interview with Steve Vai

“Unfortunately, what happens is, most humans have these creative impulses, but then they become obscured by the little voice in their head, insecurities, and fears that cut out the root of their ability to be uniquely creatively inspired. So, I chase those fantasies in my music.”

Fear of Music: How Satanic Panic Shaped Music & Culture in the 1980s and Beyond

If you grew up in the 1980s or 90s, then you know the world back then was a very different place than it is now. The streets and parks were littered with latch key kids, who were allowed to roam freely for hours and even days without guidance or supervision. I know this because I was one of them.

Dare to be Weird: A Lesson from Frank Zappa

What even is normal? Everyone has strange quirks. We all have embarrassing stories. Each and everyone of us has made mistakes. The point is– we are all weird in our own ways. It got me thinking – how can I relate this to music? The first artist that came to mind was none other than Frank Zappa.

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