An Interview with Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Alan Niven

As renowned rock ‘n’ roll manager Alan Niven recalls, the spark that ignited his immersion in music can be drawn from various sources.

Play Dirty: Lead Guitarists Who Shaped the 80s & 90s Glam Metal-Era

Some of the players listed hardly required an introduction, while others may have rekindled awareness to bands and guitarists that time has all but forgotten. Though impassioned discourse is imminent, and welcomed, it’s important to keep one thing in mind – the is no right or wrong submissions. Just endless optionality. Cheers.

An Interview with Mark Kendall of Great White

Great White is a Blues based Metal/Rock band, which has has been in the game for well over 40 years now. In that time, they have released 13 excellent, hard rocking studio albums, which are absolutely essential to any collection regardless of which format you collect.

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