In Conversation with Veteran Keyboardist Derek Sherinian

Recently, we spoke with versatile pianist, Derek Sherinian, who shared some of his thoughts regarding his latest album, Vortex.

Derek Sherinian Enters the Vortex

Projecting ourselves in some other location in outer space, as the first few seconds of Derek Sherinian’s Vortex hits, it strikes us as something that feels weirdly pleasurable. That is the feeling of vertigo that the giant abstract slide provides.

An Interview with dUg Pinnick of King’s X

Never to be defined, relegated, or told what to do, the non-compliant nature of dUg Pinnick, Ty Tabor, and Jerry Gaskill might not have elevated them to the top of the charts, but what it did do was ingrain the trio deeply within its devoted fanbases hearts.

An Interview with Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater

For Ruddess, his journey with the mighty Dream Theater began in 1998, after he was asked to join the band in the wake of Derek Sherinian’s departure. For Dream Theater, while its 90s albums were watershed, with the classically trained Ruddess aboard, the best was truly yet to come.

An Interview with Jerry Gaskill of King’s X

Though the band’s experimental nature left them impervious to shifting sonic tides, major, watershed success still eluded them. For Gaskill, King’s X, and his solo works, Come Somewhere (2004), and Love and Scars (2015) have served to continually put the world on notice, that while King’s X and its fearsome trio may still be underexposed, success and influence cannot always be measured in albums sold.

Progress & Propulsion: Phreneticis and the New Age of Death Metal

“It’s not that we feel like labeling
our music, but we had to, so as to make other people understand what kind of thing we do when they ask us.”

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