An Interview with Eric Hughes of SlyVinyl

I had the pleasure of speaking with the CEO of SlyVinyl, Eric Hughes. Among other things, we touch on what he’s been up to during the lockdown, the origins of SlyVinyl, his opinions on where RSD stands today, and what he’s looking forward to the most once COVID-19 breaks.

An Interview with Tim Clair of Record Reserve

Record Reserve is old school. It’s a shop for real deal vinyl collectors, done right by a real deal, dyed in the wool vinyl collector. Cash in the form of crumpled dollar bills preferred. No posers allowed. Does it get any better?

An Interview with David Buttle of Mr. Bongo

Mr. Bongo is and has been putting out some of the best reissues focused on World Music that you can buy. Basically, if you see them, and you like that type of music- insta-buy them.

An Interview with Matt Kessler of Too Many Records

I first discovered the Too Many Records YouTube channel in 2016, and have been steadily watching it ever since. Not a week goes by where I don’t check in with Matt’s channel to catch up with and enjoy his latest videos. I found Matt’s channel at the perfect time in my journey.

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