Reviewing Sharon Van Etten’s We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong

I think for me, this currently is my second favorite release from Sharon Van Etten behind Are We There. It could possibly rise up and take the top spot. I like it much more than Remind Me Tomorrow, but now I can see how vital that record and her transformation on it were so that she could get to this point, and deliver this very open, raw piece of work.

Epic Ten: Sharon Van Etten

After Sharon’s set had ended, and before Junip came on, Sharon took over the merch table. So, naturally, I had to buy something else now. I went up and asked her for Epic on vinyl, and then told her what a great set she had. She was super gracious and very nice. Overall, it was a cool experience.

An Interview with Sharon Van Etten

Over time, the bulk of Remind Me Tomorrow has been played on the show. That album happens to be Sharon’s newest and like her others, it’s emotionally deep and generally awesome. After I’d heard the album enough times on the show, I chose to go backwards and dig into the rest of the catalog, and I came to find that the rest is equally awesome and equally deep.

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