An Interview with Carey Howe of Leatherwolf

Recently, we caught up with veteran guitarist, Carey Howe of Leatherworlf. Among other things, we touch on Carey’s history in music, the rise and fall of Leatherwolf, where the band stands today, Carey’s new music, and more.

Rebelmatic Begins Exciting New Chapter with Mourning Dove

Many bands hit a creative high that easily be pointed to in their careers. Brooklyn Punk outfit Rebelmatic appears to be on an upward trajectory that there is no coming down from. After the masterpiece that was Ghost in the Shadows, a follow-up was eagerly desired. However, it begged the question, how could they top that release? The answer? A project that tops anything they have done before. The Mourning Dove EP.

Play Dirty: Lead Guitarists Who Shaped the 80s & 90s Glam Metal-Era

Some of the players listed hardly required an introduction, while others may have rekindled awareness to bands and guitarists that time has all but forgotten. Though impassioned discourse is imminent, and welcomed, it’s important to keep one thing in mind – the is no right or wrong submissions. Just endless optionality. Cheers.

An Interview with Keith St. John of Montrose & Burning Rain

Keith St. John’s origins may be humble, but the singer’s 70s era throwback stylings and muscle-driven vocals are anything but. As a latecomer to the scene, St. John’s journey found him on the move, moving from band to band, in search of the right fit, fighting for his artistry and musical integrity along the way.

Popular Songs From The 70s Used At Weddings That Make You Wonder

Marriage is one of humanity’s oldest institutions. And having songs and/or music at weddings is no doubt just as ancient. In modern times songs like The Carpenters’ “We’ve Only Just Begun” or Shania Twain’s “From This Moment On” are examples of positive songs that reflect on the hope of a couple starting their marital bliss. But some songs, which I came across on a web page called the Top 100 1970s Songs for Weddings, are real head-scratching ones. Let’s take a fun journey through ten of those songs.

A Review of Mod Sun’s Pop-Punk Stunner, “Rich Kids Ruin Everything”

Mod Sun’s ever-changing and still-evolving sound hits us with another searing gut punch, this time, in the form of their latest single, “Rich Kids Ruin Everything.”

An Interview with Matt Starr of the Ace Frehley Band & Black Swan

“I realize there are so many talented musicians who have the passion and the ability, yet they will never have a successful career that is satisfying to them. That breaks my heart. What I teach with my coaching is everything that I used to transform my career, and ultimately, my life. It’s been an amazing journey helping people to actually live their dreams. I love it.”

An Interview with Jimmy Chamberlin of the Smashing Pumpkins

“In all lanes, I’m trying to live in a higher state of consciousness through courage, acceptance, willingness, reason, and love.”

An Interview with Malcolm Cope of Quartz

I recently dug in with New Wave of British Heavy Metal hero, and drummer, Malcolm Cope of Quartz. Among other things, we touch on the origins, trials, and tribulations of one of rock and metal music’s most underexposed bands, Quartz, new music, and more.

An Interview with Nikki Stringfield of The Iron Maidens

“I always see the “Top Female Guitarist” lists, and I just can’t get into it, especially because sometimes it’s used to put women in competition with each other. We’re all in this together, and it’s difficult enough to be trying to make it in the music world.”

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