A Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Secondhand Guitar

earning to play an instrument may seem like a simple hobby or a pastime, but it offers a range of benefits.

Rocker Brian Lisik Talks Hotsy Totsy!, Songwriting, Touring, and More

A rare combination of voracious energy meets reverence for past heroes; if one thing is certain, Brian Lisik and company are worth the price of admission.

An Everlasting Love: Andy Gibb’s Untimely Death

Few people seemed better suited to handle fame and fortune than Andy Gibb. After all, his brothers were the Bee Gees, already internationally well-known singers in Andy’s youth, and on the verge of becoming disco superstars when he was still in his teens.

Hell or High Water: Reviewing Skid Row’s The Gangs All Here

One thing you can say for sure is this sounds like a Skid Row album through and through. None of the flavors has been lost with a new vocalist.

A Journey of 1,000 Years: Mushroomhead’s Former Vocalist Reinvents Himself as ‘Jeffrey Nothing’

Hatrix has assembled a dream team of musicians to help make the music of Jeffrey Nothing, and in late October 2022, the band released their latest single, “1,000 Years.”

Still Livin’ This Dream and it Ain’t Over Yet: Reviewing Sammy Hagar and The Circle’s Crazy Times

What do you see yourself doing at 75? If you are anything like Sammy Hagar, releasing a great rock album may be in your future.

What Music Do Casinos Play?

Casinos are no different because the music playing at a business can significantly make or break the mood.

Ratt Studio Albums Ranked

Between the dual guitar solos and tone of Robin Crosby and Warren DeMartini, Stephen Pearcy’s distinct vocals, Juan Croucier’s bass licks and songwriting, and Bobby Blotzer’s thunder drumming, Ratt is nothing short of essential.

Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello Talks Solidaritine, Performing in Ukraine, and 15 Years of Super Taranta!

In this far-reaching interview, Gogol Bordello’s gypsy-punk leader recounts his hardcore roots, performing in a war-torn Ukraine and a reinvigorated approach for Solidaritine.

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