EVH Meets NFTs at House of Petals

Header image courtesy of Raquel Figlo/House of Petals

By Raquel Maiden

Image courtesy of Raquel Figlo/House of Petals

As the world starts to emerge from its COVID cocoon and flourish back to life, there’s no better way to kick off this new era than by returning to summer LA events. The first of which was none other than the celebrity NFT kick-off party welcoming House of Petals into the metaverse. Founded by Joey House -former girlfriend of Eddie Van Halen – House of Petals (HOP) is a luxury floral boutique that also hosts exclusive celebrity and red-carpet events. The HOPNFT fête allowed VIPs to purchase NFTs not only backed by physical instruments from the late iconic Eddie Van Halen, but also a chance to get one of his guitars in their hands. Two guitars that Eddie himself gifted to Joey House were also included in the celebration of HOP’s entrance to the metaverse.

And what a grand entrance it was. The location of the event was like walking into a whimsical garden. Upon first steps onto the red carpet, you saw a backdrop of “House of Petals” emblazoned in the florals, then up the winding stairs to the backyard you found yourself in the sprawling backyard where the party-goers and future NFT holders gathered. Scott Page of Pink Floyd, a legend in his own right, was there mingling amongst model Dustin Quick and others. It was a quintessential LA party at which to be seen. Carrie Lyn, a blockchain veteran and NFT expert from The Creative House, was there to help answer any questions attendees may have and cement the significance of this momentous occasion. When asked what inspired her to get into the metaverse and music industry, she simply stated it was, “The ability to memorialize this safe space that Eddie [Van Halen] helped create for artists and community members to intermingle and be at one. Building this community through NFTs and the metaverse means that this can live for generations to come.”

Image courtesy of Raquel Figlo/House of Petals

A perpetual sense of community and memoriam for the great musicians of our time is just one of the benefits of House of Petals entering the metaverse. During the Q&A portion of the night, Joey House and her team made clear they also want to create a space where shareholders can hang out with celebrities in the metaverse and get to know their favorite rockstar on an even playing field. When you buy a HOPNFT, you are a VIP and no security or red tape is separating you from your idols.

If you are a fan of rock ’n’ roll, be sure to check out House of Petals NFTs for a chance to revolutionize your fandom. A portion of the proceeds from the NFTs will be donated to charities that deeply affected the late Eddie Van Halen, who passed away from cancer in October 2020. These charities include the City of Hope for cancer treatment and research, the rehab center Crossroads, and a national high school tour that provides guitar and piano lessons to music students who wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity.

In the words of Carrie Lyn, “Be prepared to make history with us. There’s so much to come.”

Image courtesy of Raquel Figlo/House of Petals

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