Hazel English Casts Spells of Magic Across Summer Nights

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By Fábio Moniz

Crooning is how Hazel English casts magic spells taking us to a place of enchantment.

For those who had the chance to immerse themselves in the sound of “Wake Up!,” something will hit you as different from that sober, clean, and fast-paced sound. Summer Nights is a portal to a dimension where nostalgia is a guide in a dreamy adventure. Leave everything behind. Nothing is needed but an open heart.

Passion, couples, love.

Every experience is a different experience, and as similar as they may be, each person feels it differently. Hazel allows listeners to experience a love story each time they hit the play button. And it can be that listeners feel blue, and every love song is a big no. Well, we invite the listener to give Summer Nights a try. It will all be a good trip to the seaside. Also!! Do not forget your books and shorts. Hazel won’t forget hers.

The story you must live.

To be able to savor each note, each sound, each word, you must live it, not only listen to it. These are stories, and stories usually evoke images in one’s head. But these are not meant to be only images but experiences of sharing, of connection. Meeting someone is not only about physical affection but also about the memories, and the stories they build together. Hazel is a world creator. Indeed, worlds have been created all over her songs, and by sharing such a world with their listeners, each one is then able to jump into a kind of VR where every experience weighs fourfold.

Trusting yourself to something good.

The atmosphere Hazel creates is that of pleasantness that listeners will not want to let go of. All the more, Hazel tells us how important it is in a lover’s company to make one feel comfortable and fulfilled. It fills one’s heart with something of colossal dimensions, yet adorably light. Hazel’s stories are yours too, for them while they are being played on your stereo.

Music is not just sound.

Hazel’s rhythm section and harmonic cadences are very solid, and the rhythm is very precise. It allows listeners to go wherever they want to go, providing a constant downbeat that tells the listener how safe they are from falling. The rhythm section will always be there to break the listeners’ fall, but Hazel’s voice will have everyone floating high above ground level. Not much is needed, for Hazel, herself can mesmerize. If one is afraid of heights, do not be scared, we assure you it is safe, and the ride is very pleasant. All the worries will go away, cleansed by each note played.


Secondary effects are: daydreaming; roaming the streets singing aloud; starting to see everything in a different light; letting loose tense muscles; and many others that are yet to be found. For those who might be called back to earth by an earthling, we suggest you invite them to experience how it is to float around to the sound of Hazel English’s Summer Nights.

Will you stick around and let the Extended Play take you higher than that heart-shaped cloud?

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