Mix-Tapes & Memories Archives

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Joe O’Brien takes the time to discuss various topics and genres of music through his love of mix-tapes, and vinyl through the memories they conjure.

2020 Articles:

My Metal Evolution

Vinyl & The Overlooked Era of Hip-Hop

Musical Discovery Through Compilations

Third Wave Ska and What We Need on Vinyl

You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best…Underrated KISS Tracks

2021 Articles:

Digging In Paradise: Moodies Records

Five Underrated Second Wave Emo Albums You Need To Listen To

Anecdotes & Albums: A Summary of KISS Army Servitude

The Life and Times of Rahsaan Roland Kirk: Creative Perseverance Through Music

Stage Freight: Uncovering Ten Cult Rock Albums Of The 1970s

X-Mas Playlist Remix: Five Change of Pace Christmas Tracks To Stuff Your Stocking With

2022 Articles:

Rebelmatic Begins Exciting New Chapter with Mourning Dove

Traversing the Abyss: A Guide to Obscure ’70s Rock

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