Poison’s Bret Michaels Back on Stage After Recent Hospitalization

All images courtesy of Getty Images/Poison Facebook (official)

By Fábio Moniz

On Thursday, June 30th, it was first reported that #Poison (@Poison) singer #Bret Michaels (@bretmichaels) was to be hospitalized for an undisclosed condition, leaving the veteran 80s rock icons no choice but to cancel its planned set for the ongoing Stadium Tour.

As initially reported by The Sun, it had been just before they hit the stage that Michaels’s emergency had been reported, whose bandmates, “Took the stage to make the announcement regarding Bret’s condition.”

While reports were initially unclear, it was assumed that Michaels’s hospitalization was either COVID related, or had to due with the singer’s diabetes, a malady that Michaels has long managed. Later, it was reported, and then confirmed by Michaels himself, that the absence was due to, “A bad reaction to some medication.”

On July 1st, Michaels shared an update, saying:

“There are not enough words of thanks and gratitude for the well wishes from family, friends, and fans. Can’t thank enough Nashville’s incredible and determined medical staff who helped me as you can see with several IV sites to run tests, and administer fluids.”

As an assurance to Michaels’s fans, he added, “I’m determined to try to rock Jacksonville, and return for a Nashville show someday soon.”

All images courtesy of Getty Images/Poison Facebook (official)

However, it was no later than that same day, that Michaels hit the stage once again with Poison. On Twitter, Michaels shared a video, thanking the fans for their support and announcing, “I’m here in Jacksonville. I’m ready to rock. I’m gonna give you 100% of everything I got in the tank, right now. I’m not feeling my Sunday best, but I’m gonna keep rocking and I’m gonna bring it. And I cannot be more grateful for such awesome incredible family, friends, and fans. Thank you.”

More posts have been shared of Michaels hitting the stage, with one saying, “Jacksonville, #Florida fans in the pouring rain rocked my world,” and “Pearl River rocked and fans gave me Something To Believe In’, wishing his followers a ‘great #4thofJuly.”

Fábio Moniz is a columnist for www.vwmusicrocks.com and may be reached at fabiorubenmoniz@gmail.com

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