An Interview with Kane Roberts of The Alice Cooper Band

If the 1980s guitar scene was about big-haired, waif-framed guitarists, ax-slinger Kane Roberts never did get that memo.

Bernardo Palmeirim Finds Balance Through Education, Music, and Composition

Palmeirim confesses to us, “That having so many projects on my hands, inspires me to keep on going and putting my heart out into my music, sharing my work with the world.”

New Music Review: Scott Reynolds’ Chihuahua in Buffalo

Scott Reynolds and his guitar mastery provide us with a new experience within the songwriting world. A mixture of bard-style song and spoken word kind of humor.

Songs That Would Make Good Themes For Life

Ever hear someone say, “That’s the story of my life?” Merle Haggard even wrote a song about someone telling his life in a song. With that in mind, let’s tiptoe through the tulips with ten suggestions for themes for life.

An Interview with Michael Monroe

For Monroe, a career in music has been a mixed bag, alternating between immeasurable highs, and crux of the earth lows. But with I Live Too Fast to Die Young, Monroe seems to have found the middle ground, call it an invitation to combat.

An Interview with Jennifer Batten

Coming up in the late 80s shred era, virtuoso Jennifer Batten knew that she needed to stand out in order to avoid being discounted in a bustling scene.

Stephen Piazza’s “The Edge” Proves to be a Hymn to the Fallen

In “The Edge,” Piazza sings that it seems like it’s not worth living anymore, but it is. And that is what we get from Piazza’s voice. It is worth going onward if only to listen to his singing, again and again, reminding us that loss is a constant in our lives, but there is always something that is left for us to hang onto from those who depart.

Jacob Rice Serves Up a Dish of Country Music Tinged with a Taste of Sugar

Are you ready to dive into Jacob Rice’s love-ridden world? Take a ride on his new single, “How a Man Treats a Lady. Simply put, fans of modern-day country won’t forget it.

An Interview with Nili Brosh

But in 2022, we find ourselves in a new age. A new age that is no longer defined by headlines, and ideas generated by the past. In the here and now, there are dozens upon dozens of fierce female guitar virtuosos, and one of the slickest is Israeli-born, Nili Brosh.

An Interview with Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam

In the world of alternative rock, or “grunge,” as it’s often called, guitarist Stone Gossard, and his band, Pearl Jam are titans, who are in 2022, standing up top the mountain as lone-wolf survivors of thirty-two years of rock ‘n’ roll volatility.

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