Rocky Votolato Takes us Back to His Wild Roots

All images courtesy of Earshot Media

By Fábio Moniz

September 9th is an important date for Rocky Votolato, the indie-folk hero. Make sure to write down the date, for it will be important for you too.

The atmosphere Votolato’s music provides affects us with a nostalgia so pure and strong that the dedicated letters written to the family members reach us as if we were part of the family.

Rocky Votolato’s new work Wild Roots is, “A posthumous love letter,” which comes after, “Losing my child in a tragic car accident, which made this take on an even deeper, and devastatingly bittersweet meaning.”

How simple things get to us.

Votolato’s voice shines on the record’s first single, “Little Black Diamond” and makes us fall in love with the song from beginning to end. And we will want to, “Keep it with me all the time,” never losing its grip.

It may not sound like the cheerfullest family gathering of all times, but it is when you gather together all of your past thought and put them face to face with your present thoughts in open discussion. What have we learned so far? Who were the ghosts of our past that as of now became the gatekeepers of our future?

Experiences allow us to attain a set of tools and weapons that will make our journey in life easier. Votolato’s songs sow the seeds into our hearts and let us grow as tall as our courage can take us.

Space for the listeners to interact.

Wild Roots is a complex piece of work built from the simplest materials. This grants us space to add our own thoughts whenever we feel like adding our own feelings in the music. The songs become ours. Rocky Votolato’s voice becomes our companion on a trip through the heaviest of experiences while communicating with the dearest people in our lives.

Will you join Rocky Votolato in singing these letters?

All images courtesy of Earshot Media

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