Rocky Votolato Takes us Back to His Wild Roots

Wild Roots is a complex piece of work built from the simplest materials. This grants us space to add our own thoughts whenever we feel like adding our own feelings in the music. The songs become ours. Rocky Votolato’s voice becomes our companion on a trip through the heaviest of experiences while communicating with the dearest people in our lives.

An Interview with Nash Albert of Blast

Recently, we caught up with veteran artist, Nash Albert. Among other things, we touch on what he’s been up to during the lockdown, his origins in music, his newest music, and a whole lot more.

An Interview with Jake Crown of Coffee Project

Coffee Project knows a thing or two about authenticity and passion. Jake Crown and Buddy Schaub write music from the heart and for the sheer joy of it. When you’re doing that, you simply can’t go wrong.

An Interview with Jerry Douglas

When you think of guitar, which artists do you think of? I suppose it’s all a matter of opinion, really. That said, Jerry Douglas is one of the top players out there today, and has been for 40 some odd years.

An Interview with Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music

Part of what makes interviewing artists interesting is that it allows me to take the time to reflect on my own musical journey. Chuck Regan is an artist whose music has rode shotgun with me for a long time now

Rough and Rowdy Ways: Bob Dylan’s Latter-Day Defining Moment

Over the decade’s Bob Dylan has seen and sung on just about every important topic of the last half-century. We find ourselves as a nation collapsing unto itself, and directly into a great divide. It’s a chasm of our own doing. Our blatant refusal to be kind and decent to one another is coming to a head now. What happens next is in our hands.

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