An Interview with Waterfront Dining

Of all the different artists and albums that seemingly drop each and every day, Waterfront Dining is one the more consistent and quality acts out there today. If you’re looking for classic Vaporwave sounds then this is a perfect place to start.

An Interview with Marc Junker AKA R23X

The overwhelming awesomeness of the amount of music waiting to be discovered, at times, can be too much for any one person. Even in the smaller independent genres of experimental electronic music and vaporwave, it can be exhausting. What is the solution?

An Interview with Jay & Enzo of My Pet Flamingo & TimeSlave Recordings

My Pet Flamingo and TimeSlave Recordings are for my money, the premier labels out there today for Vaporwave, Future Funk and Synthwave music. There are a lot of labels out there doing what Jay and Enzo do, but simply put – no one does it better.

An Interview with Pete Curry AKA FM Skyline

FM Skyline, real name Pete Curry, is an Electronic, Vaporwave and Pop/Synth artist who has been in the game for several years now. In that time, he’s released a few studio albums, some of which are absolutely essential to any Vapor/Synth collection.

An Interview with Carl Carlsson of Runners Club 95

Vaporwave is an expansive and extensive genre, which is kind of odd when you think about it, as it’s actually a “micro-genre.” Anyway, of all the different artists and albums that seemingly drop each and every day, Runners Club 95 is one the of the best.

An Interview with II Nøthing II

Some artists are forever associated with being the epitome of a genre in my brain. One such artist is II Nothing II with his totally classic Vaporwave sound and signature production style.

An Interview with Dan Mason

To pigeonhole Dan Mason as simply “Vaporwave” would be be doing him a dis-service. In truth, Dan’s unique take on the genre has been expanding and bending the minds for years now.

An Interview with Angel Marcloid

I first discovered Angel through the project MindSpring Memories. At the time I was in the midst of a huge Vaporwave obsession and spent tons of time finding new artists to sink my teeth into. I discovered that Angel was behind MindSpring Memories and that it was one of many projects Angel had going on. I knew at that point I had to discover the other projects, and at the same time find out if any were available on vinyl.

Vaporwave: Audiovisual Art Via Nostalgia

Picture this…it’s three o’clock in the morning. You’re half asleep. The light radiating forth from the TV is flickering off the walls, shadows caressing your half-open eyelids. Muffled under the dark enclaves of your lucid dreams. In the very back of your mind’s eye, you hear cheesy saxophones cracking distorted notes over blown-out speakers. Amidst the chaos, you can just make out the distant chattering of smile-laden infomercial stars, peddling the latest and greatest soon-to-be dumpster fodder: “Billy Mays here, with Oxi-Clean!”

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