A Portrait Painted Via Self Discovery: Reviewing Daphne Wolfe’s Single, “Under My Spell”

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Dallas-based and talented teen indie musician, Daphne Wolfe, has been on a journey of self-discovery, which is culminated in her soon-to-be-released track, “Under My Spell.”

Daphne Wolfe first came upon many listeners’ musical radar with her stellar cover of the classic 90s Radiohead ode to self-loathing, “Creep.” The song seemed to mirror Daphne’s state of mind at the time, as the young artist was on her own journey through inner turmoil, fueled by past demons raging up against a growing identity crisis.

For some, these times of battle are burdensome. For others, the spoils can be reaped to great inspiration, and it is in this sense where Daphne Wolfe truly succeeds – as she has spun a web woven through both love and hate culminating in a burst of creativity which starts with “Under My Spell,” her ode to visceral self-reflection.

The song itself is a deep pool of Psychedelic placidity. A sort of sullen calm washes over the listener as they sift through Daphne’s feelings, and in doing so, relate her words to their own plights

For both Daphne and her listeners — it is here that the healing begins.

This ethereal track finds the young Daphne Wolfe at perhaps her most vulnerable. I am intrigued to see where this rising artist goes from here. Tune in this coming January to take the journey.

Connect with Daphne Wolfe via Instagram here.

Check out the link to pre-save “Under My Spell” here.

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